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What should I do if the lens of an industrial endoscope is blurred and stained?

    Industrial borescope is an instrument used to inspect the internal condition of machines and equipment. If the lens is blurred and stained, it may affect the inspection results, so it needs to be treated promptly. The following are some treatment methods.1.Clean the lens surface: Use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the lens to remove stains and dust. A special industrial endoscope cleaner can be used, but be careful not to let the cleaner get inside the instrument.2.Replace the lens: If the lens has been damaged or cleaning is ineffective, consider replacing the lens with a new one. Note that you need to know the model and specifications of the endoscope before replacing the lens.3.Repair or replace the instrument: If the above methods are ineffective or the instrument itself has been damaged, you can consider sending it for repair or replacing the instrument.    Regardless of the method used, care needs to be taken to keep the instrument dry, clean and properly stored to ensure its long-term effectiveness.

Industrial endoscope guide inflexible how to solve?

    There may be various reasons for the inflexible steering of the probe of the industrial endoscope, the following are some possible ways to deal with it.1.Check the probe connection: check whether the probe connection is loose or worn, if there is loose or worn should be replaced or tightened in time.2.Check the probe bearing: check whether the probe bearing is loose or stuck, if there is a problem it should be repaired or replaced.3.Check the probe hose: check whether the probe hose is bent or folded, if the hose is bent or folded it will hinder the flexibility of the probe and should be sorted out or replaced.4.Check the controller: check whether the probe controller is normal, if the controller is faulty, it may lead to inflexible probe steering and should be repaired or replaced.5.Lubricate the probe parts: Insufficient lubrication of the probe parts may also lead to inflexible steering, and lubricant needs to be added in time.    If the above treatment methods are not effective, it is recommended to contact professional technicians for inspection and repair.

What should be paid attention to when using industrial endoscope?

Industrial endoscopes are widely used in many fields, like the inspection of special equipment, aviation, pipelines, pressure vessels, automotive manufacturing, power and other industrial areas. During real application, it will face different testing environment. What should be paid attention to when using it?1.Prohibit the use of industrial endoscope to observe the body or the animal's body;2.Do not use videoscope to inspect equipment in action; 3.Do not use or store the videoscope on explosive, strong electromagnetic field or with combustible gas,otherwise it may cause fire or explosion;4.Do not use it to check objects with current carrying, so as to avoid the occurrence ofelectric shock;5.Do not watch the LEDlight source at the end of the lens straightly, avoiding the effect of stronglight on the visual acuity;6.Never excessivebending, stretching, twisting, rolling cable, otherwise it may cause cabledisconnect, a fire or electric shock accident;7.If there is abnormal inthe angle adjustment operation, stop the current operation, and turn off. Thencontact the supplier;8.Keep the insert tubeaway from any liquid, except water, salty water or oil;9.When finish using,please clean the tip of the videoscope probe in time, to prevent corrosion.