What should be paid attention to when using industrial endoscope?

. What should be paid attention to when using it?

1) Prohibit the use of industrial endoscope to observe the body or the animal's body;


3) Do not use or store the videoscope on explosive, strong electromagnetic field or with combustible gas,otherwise it may cause fire or explosion;

4) Do not use it to check objects with current carrying, so as to avoid the occurrence ofelectric shock;

5) Do not watch the LEDlight source at the end of the lens straightly, avoiding the effect of stronglight on the visual acuity;

6) Never excessivebending, stretching, twisting, rolling cable, otherwise it may cause cabledisconnect, a fire or electric shock accident;

7) If there is abnormal inthe angle adjustment operation, stop the current operation, and turn off. Thencontact the supplier;

8) Keep the insert tubeaway from any liquid, except water, salty water or oil;

9) When finish using,please clean the tip of the videoscope probe in time, to prevent corrosion.

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