Industrial endoscope guide inflexible how to solve?

Industrial endoscope guide inflexible how to solve?

    There may be various reasons for the inflexible steering of the probe of the industrial endoscope, the following are some possible ways to deal with it.

1.Check the probe connection: check whether the probe connection is loose or worn, if there is loose or worn should be replaced or tightened in time.

2.Check the probe bearing: check whether the probe bearing is loose or stuck, if there is a problem it should be repaired or replaced.

3.Check the probe hose: check whether the probe hose is bent or folded, if the hose is bent or folded it will hinder the flexibility of the probe and should be sorted out or replaced.

4.Check the controller: check whether the probe controller is normal, if the controller is faulty, it may lead to inflexible probe steering and should be repaired or replaced.

5.Lubricate the probe parts: Insufficient lubrication of the probe parts may also lead to inflexible steering, and lubricant needs to be added in time.

    If the above treatment methods are not effective, it is recommended to contact professional technicians for inspection and repair.