JEET TU Series UV Videoscope/ Industrial Endoscope/ Joystick Videoscope

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Update Time 2020-01-02

JEET TU Series UV Videoscope

JEET UV videoscope is only 0.56Kg and is very lightweight. In addition, the diameter of the tube is only 6mm. Two light sources are highly integrated in this 6mm insert tube, which are a 400-700nm white light source and a 365nm ultraviolet light source.

Integrated design of UV& white dual light sources. In a completely black environment, white light can be used to find the approximate defect, then spray the phosphor, after the phosphor penetrates, switch to UV light source for flaw detection which makes the detection more efficient and accurate!

the crack on the heat sink

UV videoscopes are mainly applied in the aerospace industry, precision casting and forging, machinery manufacturing, railway construction, ships, scientific research units, petroleum, chemical, pressure vessel industries, etc.

real shot picture