Maintenance of industrial endoscope lens and battery!

Maintenance of industrial endoscope lens and battery!


As a conventional visual inspection tool, industrial endoscopes are widely used in various industries.

As a conventional visual inspection tool, industrial endoscopes are widely used in various industries. The reason why endoscopes can play such an important role is because they are capable of non-destructive inspection and have high measurement Accuracy, this also puts forward higher requirements for the maintenance of industrial endoscopes. Only by adopting correct maintenance methods can the endoscope serve us continuously and accurately. As an important part of the optical lens, it is a key component of imaging. In daily use, it should be used in strict accordance with the requirements to avoid collisions and scratches, reduce wear and tear, and prevent oil from penetrating in, so as to effectively extend its service life. For equipment with long pipelines, do not place the pipeline on the ground to tow it to avoid fraying the lens. Finally, use a dust-free cloth to wipe the lens clean before use to avoid blurred images due to oil stains during use and affect effective observation. After use, it should be properly stored in the instrument box. The level should not be stored in a clean, dry and stable place. Avoid high temperature, high humidity, vibration, dust, oil and other harsh storage environments.

JEET industrial endoscope uses rechargeable lithium battery or lithium battery pack, which has the advantages of light weight, large capacity, no memory effect, etc., and can be recharged. During the use of the lithium battery, avoid over-discharge of the battery, as this may cause subsequent charging failures. It is generally used. Therefore, when the device is in use, if the battery is insufficient, it should be fully charged in time before continuing to use it. Try not to use it while charging. Generally, it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge a single battery. When the device is left unused for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored, and pay attention to check every 3 months, and recharge the battery to better extend the battery life.

JEET is a well-known domestic manufacturer of industrial endoscopes, and strives to provide users with products with stable and reliable performance and excellent product quality. At present, the main advantages of JEET industrial endoscopes are: small pipe diameter, the smallest pipe diameter can reach 1.3mm; the pipe diameter can be replaced, one machine has multiple functions, and it can fully meet the requirements of different environments and different equipment.