The causes and inspection methods of carbon deposition in automobiles

The causes and inspection methods of carbon deposition in automobiles


The causes and inspection methods of carbon deposition in automobiles

The cause of car carbon deposition: driving habit is bad (long-term high block but low speed drive), jam road condition, and inferior gasoline.

Carbon deposition of the car is prone to these parts: mainly the top of the piston, intake valve,air inlet and outlet.

How car carbon deposition builds up: car engines work in a way that's similar to how we ride bicycles, with the action of our feet and pedals doing the work.Automobile power is a mixture of gas oil, meet the engine of high temperature, gasoline can not burn the complete hydrocarbon.So paraffin and gum will be burned into petroleum coke.If the injection nozzle with pollution situation, the spray gasoline atomization state is not good, gasoline and air mixture is not uniform, will increase the amount of gasoline condensed in the intake valve.The bad thing is that the Petroleum coke has the characteristics of absorbing gasoline and make vicious cycle to the intake valve.Then it appears many problems that vehicle acceleration is not smooth, fuel consumption is high, idle speed is sometimes high and low etc. Basically all caused by carbon deposition.

The diagnosis of carbon deposition in the intake pipe in car maintenance is very simple.It can be clearly seen by removing the throttle plate.However, the diagnosis of valve carbon deposition has always been a difficult problem. Generally speaking, two diagnoses are provided by professionals.

Method 1

Disassemble inspection

That is, take the engine apart and check for carbon deposition.This is obvious, but it takes a lot of time and energy, and every time any part is taken apart and assembled, it affects its performance more or less and reduces its service life.

Method 2

Industrial videoscope inspection

Remove the spark plug or nozzle and use a videoscope to see how much carbon deposition is trapped in the valve.This method is very convenient, but the performance of videoscope is different. So,it is difficult for repairing mechanics to choose a clear image and easy to operate industrial endoscope. Jeet technology as a professional videoscope manufacturers, will provide a full range of automotive endoscope solution for you.